We create original music composing, arranging and recording real instruments of all kind of generes. We enhance audio post-production recording the right voice and combine it with the right atmosphere for every proyect.

Original Music

Producing and composing original textures and ambients.

Audio Post

Mixing talent and hard work, providing solutions and enhancing all sounds.

Sound Design

Exploring, generating and finding a place of all kind innovative sounds. 

Voice Casting

Searching in our extensive list of talents for the right voice.

Music Production

Recording real instruments played by real people.

Foley Recording

Reproducing in studio the colors of real life.

Location Sound

Capturing the escense of sound in place.

Global Linkups

Connecting via ISDN, Source-Connect & Skype

We turn new and imaginative ideas into music and sound realities.

We are involved through every step of the audio production process. From musical composition, talent selection and sound recording to the final mix.

We have access to all the best voice artists, local and international.